Public Speaking Training Classes in Moorhead, Minnesota

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City of Moorhead, Minnesota - Chisago, Duluth, Eagan, Eden Prairie, Litchfield, Minneapolis, North Branch, Richfield, St. Cloud, Saint Paul, Stacy, White Bear Lake and Wyoming.
The Public Speaking Training Institute offers the most widely accepted Presentations classes and Public Speaking courses for business and working professionals as well as for personal growth in the U.S. Our Public Speaking Classes are accepted and used throughout the United States as well as Canada and abroad. We have FIVE (5) public speaking classes to meet your requirements. All programs are self-paced, convenient and affordable.

We have participants taking our programs throughout many counties and cities in the State of Minnesota. Some of the most common areas include: Chisago, Duluth, Eagan, Eden Prairie, Litchfield, Minneapolis, North Branch, Richfield, St. Cloud, Saint Paul, Stacy, White Bear Lake and Wyoming..

Public Speaking Training in Moorhead, Minnesota

Learn the Art & the Science of Public Speaking by doing, not by being lectured to in our (1) day Public Speaking Training Course or our (2) Day Public Speaking Class.

We at The Public Speaking Training Institute LLC guide individuals and organization teams so they practice and learn the public speaking training skills that will quickly and efficiently become part of their presentation style. We offer a one day public speaking seminar and two day public speaking workshop that will exceed your expectations. We guarantee it.

We will help you design, prepare, and deliver a real life presentation that you are scheduled to present in the next 30-60 or 90 days.

You will learn: How to Speak in Public through Persuasive Speaking Skills – Our Course in Public Speaking has won numerous national workshops awards

State of Minnesota - Some of the most common areas include: Chisago, Duluth, Eagan, Eden Prairie, Litchfield, Minneapolis, North Branch, Richfield, St. Cloud, Saint Paul, Stacy, White Bear Lake and Wyoming.

Our professional training facilities are a safe and secure learning environment and they are available 24/7 or we can come to your office in the United States or Canada. We also offer monthly Public Workshops, Courses, Classes, and Seminars across the US and Canada. We are here to serve you.

Our team of public speaking training consultants and public speaking training experts are available to discuss your needs. We can be reached via email (please complete the Contact us data) or call us at 713-627-7700

We offer the most highly participatory and personalized public speaking training skills seminars of their kind. Public Speaking Classes have two senior level instructors to help you learn and practice both fundamental and advanced Public Speaking Skills. With videoed personal on camera presentations which are each followed by personalized one-on-one public speaking coaching and feedback from one or our senior instructors we guarantee that you will make immediate progress. Our exciting and fun filled presentation training will also help to eliminate any fear you may have as well as any distracting body language behavior quos you may have.

On-Site Public Speaking Classes & Training in Moorhead, Minnesota
Our Public Speaking Courses can be quickly designed to the specific needs of your company or organization and can be delivered on-site at a time and location of your choice.

If you have any questions please call or email us with any additional questions you may have.

Our Public Speaking Training Classes in Moorhead, Minnesota:

  • Learn through public speaking training
  • Attend our public speaking classes at your own location
  • You will quickly master most public speaking skills
  • Our workshops are the most effective public speaking courses available
  • Classes are conducted in public speaking workshops throughout the US & Canada
  • You will learn to quickly improve your public speaking skill
  • Our classes and course in public speaking can be taken in-house at your location
  • We offer numerous public speaking courses
  • We also have a train the trainer -training public speaking course
  • If you have a fear of public speaking let our team help you to overcome it
  • Six national awards have been received for our public speaking skill courses
  • Whether you need persuasive speaking or just to lose the fear of public speaking we can help
  • We will help you learn how to speak in public – we guarantee it


Minnesota: Bloomington, Minneapolis, and Saint Paul

Minneapolis, a modern city perched on the west side of the Mississippi River, is recognized as one of the cultural and entertainment capitals of the United States. Its downtown area is the heart of the Twin Cities, and the skyline is made up of attractive high-rise buildings, many of which are linked by a series of enclosed overhead walkways called skyways. Cheer on the NBA's Minnesota Timberwolves at the Target Center or delight in the theatrical arts at one of the city's many venues.

Bloomington is culturally split into two areas by US Interstate 35W. The highway creates a geographic barrier which carries through into most of the daily life and language of residents. The area west of I-35W is locally known as "West Bloomington," and the area east is called "East Bloomington." West Bloomington functions largely as a bedroom community—East Bloomington contains most of the industry, as well as lower-income housing, and the Mall of America.

Saint Paul
The Saint Paul/East Metro area is host to some of the country’s finest arts and culture. More than 40 organizations produce more than 1,000 arts events, exhibits, and performances in Saint Paul alone. The area also contains many of Minnesota’s historical sites; the State Capitol and Minnesota History Center to name a couple. It is an area that has preserved distinctive architecture and offers a wide range of shopping and dining experiences.

Public Speaking Training Skills Seminars in Minnesota

Rochester,Duluth,Minneapolis, andSaint Paul